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EL-HEGAZ Trading Company was established in 2000 as one of the major sanitary ware companies And specialized in the trade of drain and feeding pipes and fittings of all kinds in Faggala market, one of the major sanitary ware markets in Cairo. The company is focused on the wholesale and retail trade of PVC and Polypropleyne pipes and pressure pipes Supplies and related health facilities.

* In the year 2002, the trade of nickels of all kinds was added in order to complete the establishment system  & finishing 

* In the year 2003, the Sayeda Zeinab branch was opened to be an extension of the company’s activities and an expansion of service to Its customers in areas south of Cairo.

* In the year 2007, in order to  achieve one of the company’s goals by satisfying its customers, local and imported ceramics and porcelain has been added to our work , as well as shower cabins , Jacuzzi, sink units and all that is related to the finishing works, so that we have provided an integrated service Through which our customers can obtain their needs of foundation and finishing through the Faggala branch.

As part of our constant endeavor to preserve consumer health and the use of environmentally friendly products
We are the sole agent in Egypt for the Malaysian WATERTEC company specialized in producing
(Faucets – mixers – heater connections – valves – bidets ………. etc.)


WaterTec is a Malaysian company specialized in plastic related industries Sanitary ware .

i t sells All kinds of water valve (angle valve – 2 exit valve – burial valve) 

Faucets( faucet – ball faucet – long back faucet – half mixer tap) 

heater hoses (heater connection hose – hose sizes) 

Mixers (basin mixer – kitchen mixer – bath mixer)

 Shattaf  (Shattaf Hand – Shattaf Bashbouri) 

shower head (shower head – ruler) 

Siphon drainage 

basin Toilet Base (Bidet Toilet Base – Toilet Base Against Bacteria) And other products … 

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